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How to Ensure That Your Dinner Event Generates the Right Atmosphere and Buzz

If you're planning an event, you may have many different objectives and goals, but fundamentally you'll always want to ensure that you create the right type of 'atmosphere'. This is difficult to quantify, and in truth, you never really know if you've been successful until the attendees and key stakeholders actually tell you. However, you can go a long way to achieving a successful outcome if you focus carefully on audio and visual. What are some factors to bear in mind?

Music As the Theme

More often than not, a dinner event will call for a specific theme. This may be linked to the promoter or sponsor or could be an element that is shared collectively by the attendees. Many event planners believe that the choice of music that is played in the background is critical and time should be taken to plan this. Sometimes, a particular type of music can promote engagement, authenticity or help to generate a 'buying' mood if that is the objective of the event.

Plan the entire event soundtrack from start to finish, to ensure that the right 'trigger' music is played at the most appropriate time.

The Right Lighting

You can also set the mood very effectively with the right type of lighting. A professional approach to lighting can transform even the most basic space and foster the type of atmosphere you want by using different intensity and a variety of colours.

You can highlight the different components of the venue by using strategically placed LED uplights and colour washes. You might like to consider a device known as a gobo, which can project a corporate logo or an appropriate image on to a wall that would otherwise be dead space.


Lighting and audio experts should work hand in hand to match the sound with the visual as much as possible. This will require a specific approach to production and ensure that your event follows a tight timeline. Be prepared to adjust lighting whenever needed, such as whenever key speakers take to the stage or awards are presented to attendees.

Dinner Ideas

If the dinner is a celebration or a presentation of some kind, make sure that the product stand, awards pitch or celebrity table are appropriately lit. These elements will be the focus of attention, but you should never overpower the dining experience. Each individual table should have pinpoint lighting so that it has its own central glow, but the overall lighting at the venue should be kept as low as possible to create the right dining ambience.

Getting Support

Professionals should be brought in to help design a comprehensive and engaged audiovisual experience. They can also suggest the latest technology, which will help you, as the event planner, shine in your own light. Contact a professional event AV service to learn more.