Audio-Visual Equipment in Business Presentations and Other Applications

Questions to Ask When Considering a Video Camera Hire for an Office Project

A video camera hire is a great way to ensure you have the equipment you need for a project or presentation you are putting together for work or for school, without having to purchase equipment you may only use that one time. Renting video cameras as you need them also allows you to use the most updated and high-tech equipment as it becomes available. Note a few questions when you're ready to rent or hire video camera equipment for work or for a school project.

Always ask the price difference for adding extra days

If you needed the equipment for a wedding or other special event, you probably wouldn't worry about an added day's rental. However, for a work or school project, you may want to give yourself a few extra days in case something goes wrong during filming, in case you decide to reshoot something, or if you decide to add something extra to your original filming plans. By knowing the charges for an extra day ahead of time, you can create a more flexible schedule for filming and ensure you have the equipment for as long as is needed without any surprise fees.

Ask if they help with setup

If you're having the equipment delivered to a location, don't assume that they will assist with the setup of the pieces. Some camera hire companies may simply do nothing more than deliver the boxes and cases in which the equipment is stored, and ask for your signature for the delivery. Some may even be using an outside delivery company and not their own personnel for driving. If you need help with setting up or expect this assistance, always ask rather than assuming it's included.

Ask if they need a purchase order number

If you're renting your needed equipment for a business project, a rental company may require a purchase order number from the company's purchasing department. This is to ensure they will be able to bill the company and get paid in a timely fashion. They may offer an alternative, such as your own personal credit card number they can keep on file for billing, or they may ask for a sizable deposit. Whatever their requirements, be sure you know about this beforehand if you want the company to pay, as this will ensure you don't personally wind up with the bill.

For more information about video camera hire, talk to audio/visual companies in your area.